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The part most people hate! It's true your diet plays a massive part along your journey, some say 75% Nutrition and 15% Exercise. Being a fussy eater myself it can sometimes be difficult to stick to or even know where to start. I don't eat as healthy as I probably should however I have the right knowledge and know the correct balance in order to continue to build muscle each week and improve my physique. I’ll send you my nutrition questionnaire to find out some more about you, the lifestyle you lead, measurements and your end goal in order to create your personalised programme as everyone needs different amounts of each food group to sculpt their own body.  I'm only ever an email away for any ongoing support and will track your progress throughout. I'm able to offer you the correct advice, alternatives and design programmes for you to notice that difference you've been waiting for!


Group Fitness is a popular trend in the world today whether it be LBT, Kettlebells, Yoga, TRX, Spin, Pump or an Abs class, there are so many different types. It's fun, sociable and  will work up a sweat which is only going to help get that goal and get rid of any toxins in your system at the same time! Group fitness is different each week, creates variation in your training and keeps your body guessing on what's to come. Bring your families, colleagues, friends there's always something for everyone at all different levels, so there's no excuses this time! Get in touch to find out about my classes!


Do you want someone to guide you and help you to progress and achieve your goal? Im able to offer one to one personal training sessions or online programmes that are personal, tracked and monitored with regular check ins. There is no better feeling than improving week in week out and seeing the results you want! It is hard and requires commitment but with my passion and experience we can do it together! You might know exercise but do you know the anatomy and science inside you and how your muscles work together or what they need? So you're already in good shape or go to the gym and have hit a wall? Great, let's mix it up, prevent plateau and boredom by designing you a new and exciting programme where you can progress physically and mentally each week alongside me sharing my knowledge with you. Don't want to do it on your own? Get a family member or a friend involved, encourage and motivate each other lets do group training! I've experienced lots of types of training, equipment and different trainers myself enabling me to design tailored programmes and give realistic nutritional advice that will work and in the best way to help YOU achieve that GOAL.


Pre & Post Natal is so important. I believe there is a massive gap in the market. Many women don't have enough knowledge and advice available in order to continue their training during their pregnancy period. Do you want to maintain and feel healthy along your journey, feel safe whilst exercising and pregnant? Do you want to lose baby weight? I'm fully qualified in the physiological and biomechanical changes including the nutritional requirements during pregnancy whilst taking into account your individual lifestyle all to maximise you and your baby's health. I want to reassure the safety of you both and most importantly for you to relax and be confident that I have all the right knowledge and you can really enjoy feeling fit!


Do your body a favour and get your blood pumping! Health and fitness is as much about how it functions on the inside as what your body looks like on the outside. Your heart is a muscle too, and my workouts will get your heart-rate up. Your body will thank you for it!